ID Cards

Our cards are integrated into paper for an easy peel or perf out effect. This can be used by insurance providers in welcome letters to their members, reward cards for retail and service industries, credit card companies promoting their pre-approval, and much more. This is a great option if you want an alternative to Teslin cards and/or would like a one-step printing process that takes out the use of fugitive glue.
· Leader in the growing market for integrated cards

· The only manufacturer offering both poly peel and poly perf.

What are embedded ID cards?

Our custom machines enable us to create roll to roll and sheet options for embedded ID cards. We start with a roll of paper, usually finch, but this can be customized to your preference; And integrate a 5, 7, 10, or 13 mil card into the paper. The card can be peeled or perfed out as shown in the video above.

What are ID cards used for?

ID Cards can be used in any industry: Great for replacing Teslin Cards

Retail and Restaurants: Direct Mail Coupons, Loyalty Rewards, Employee Discount Card

Schools: Student ID Card, Library Card, PTA Members

Health and Auto Insurance: Membership Card

Why would I use this over a Teslin Card?

  • No loss of durability 
  • Arguably more secure 
  • Easier to store within wallet/purse/etc.
  • No need for fugitive glue, cards embedded into paper

Customizable Options...

Everything we create can be customized to your preference!

  • Most commonly used layout is 1 Up (1 card) and 2 up (2 cards); We can provide more layouts if requested
  • Most commonly used on Finch paper; We can provide different paper if requested
  • Card thickness: 5, 7, 10, 13 mil
  • Blank or Printed

What machines are the ID Cards compatible with?

Ricoh VC 40,000